Regarding the Moses Carbon Graphite Warranty:


All Moses Graphite Instrument USA necks come with a lifetime limited warranty.   This warranty covers issues related to manufacturing and material defects.


Issues arising from wear, mis-use and/or abuse of Moses products is excluded.


Moses, Inc. requires that your neck be installed and set-up correctly to industry standards by an experienced professional technician.  This includes following the clear and simple heel ‘Threaded Insert Installation’ instructions provided in the Tech Info section of this Moses Carbon Graphite USA website.  The pre-eminent book that comprehensively outlines installation and set-up technique reflecting industry standards is: ‘Guitar Player Repair Guide’ by Dan Erlewine.  Disregarding this may jeopardize or void your warranty.


Please note:  Prior to applying surface finishes to any part of any Moses Carbon Graphite product, contact Moses CG to determine suitability and appropriateness.  There are some finishes which are totally incorrect for usage, specific kinds of preparation required before proper application of others.  There are additionally some application, curing and finishing techniques that are not suitable in any way.  Ignoring this may jeopardize or void your warranty.


Topics addressed within the Orders, Returns, Refunds & Cancellations section may effect Warranty issues. Please review them in the Technical Information section.


In the event that you experience any problems associated with your Moses neck, please contact Moses Carbon Graphite USA, and describe the situation.  We can most often easily ascertain the cause of what ails a neck through the Internet, and determine how best to handle warranty and non-warranty repair or replacement.  Moses Carbon Graphite USA is dedicated to equitably resolving Warranty issues and to insure that all of our clients are fairly served.


As is current standard through out all industries:

Moses Carbon Graphite USA requires that all Moses products being returned to be evaluated for potential repair or replacement under the Moses warranty include a copy of the ‘original’ new merchandise Moses or Moses authorized dealer sales receipt/invoice.  Moses Carbon Graphite USA reserves the right to choose the most appropriate course of action, including the determination of repair or replacement.


All Moses Carbon Graphite products are made in the USA. 

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  • New Moses Carbon Graphite USA neck models: the CS-27, a 24 fret custom guitar neck & MJ-144 A, a slanted fret neck for Fender 4-st basses.
  • Inlays and Finishes

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  • Moses Carbon Graphite USA offers Hipshot, Schaller, Gotoh, ABM and Sperzel hardware. We also offer Bartolini, Lace, EMG and other electronics.

  • Fiber Optic Position Markers

    See examples of awesome fiber optic fret markers in the Inlays & Finishes section!