Threaded Insert Installation Instructions:

Moses Carbon Graphite USA necks are sold with a mount kit consisting of self-tapping brass threaded inserts and oval-head, Phillips head, stainless steel machine screws. Using standard wood or other inappropriate screws in the installation of your neck will void the warranty.

threaded inserts

To install a MOSES neck using the mount kit provided:

 1. First place and lightly clamp the neck in the heel pocket. Then mount the outside two strings, bringing them up to light tension. Adjust the neck to alignment, so that these strings are the proper distance from the sides of the fingerboard.

 2. Take a drill bit the size of the holes in the body heel pocket. Insert the drill bit by hand into the body pocket holes, and twist it (with pressure applied) to mark the center of the holes to be drilled in the back of the neck heel.

 3. Detach the neck from the body.

 4. Next, for use of 8-32 screws, mount a 15/64″ (5.95 mm) high speed drill bit in a drill press.  Should you have a helper to ‘sight’ the verticality of a high speed electric hand drill, this may be an option. For use of 10-32 screws, use a 19/64″ (7.5 mm) drill bit.

 5. With the neck heel held firmly at a 90 degree angle to the drill bit, drill the holes to a maximum depth of 5/8″ (0.625″/15.87mm) or as appropriate to properly accommodate the depth of the screw without going through the fingerboard area.  Drilling through the neck to the fingerboard surface will void the Warranty.  Moses recommends that the open surface edges of the holes be ‘chamfered’, as is done after drilling holes in high quality wood necks.

 6. Using the correct size nut threaded onto the shaft, thread a self-tapping brass insert onto the shaft, so that the slotted (cutting) edge protrudes off the open (threaded) end of the screw when the insert is tight against the nut.

 7. Using a Phillips head screw driver, screw the insert mounted on the screw into the neck hole until it is flush or just below the surface of the heel. The nut that is tight against the insert will keep the insert from climbing up the screw.

 8. Unscrew the machine screw from the installed insert, and repeat this procedure for installing all remaining threaded inserts.

 9. Set the neck into the heel pocket. Insert the machine screws into the holes and turn counterclockwise until the screw threads drop (click) into proper alignment with the insert threads. Then screw clockwise until comfortably tight.

MOSES, INC. recommends that your neck be installed and setup by an experienced technician. Disregarding this recommendation may jeopardize your warranty.

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