Based on a U.S. patent received in 1989 Moses Carbon Graphite began manufacturing a unique style and composition of carbon graphite composite necks in 1991. Through 2014, Moses C/F has manufactured over 50,000 necks, and many other products. We have and continue to service the needs of major and small builder size manufacturers, as well as retail clients. As is common with core/emerging technologies, and during the development of manufacturing techniques, finished goods have been produced with varying aesthetic and functional quality. In the broad market, and as can be witnessed in current commerce news, product quality control is a constant element addressed by all businesses. The emergence of a dominant Internet has allowed for a tremendous increase in communication worldwide. We believe this to be a vastly positive development. Simultaneously, this media has allowed for dissemination of both real and accurate information, as well as that which is may be imagined and/or fabricated. Due to the nature of the Internet, virtually all information presented remains ad infinitum. And this is done without regard to what is real in the present with regard to styiing and content of a manufacturers offerings. Forums in particular, do not make judgments as to the accuracy of statements presented, other than specifically not allowing commercial submissions nor manufacturers responses to that which is ‘printed’. Outdated and inaccurate Internet submissions coexist with that which are factually correct. Forums publish practically all private submissions without judgment. However, due to privacy considerations, forums will not forward to any parties contact information so that manufacturers may determine the authenticity of client concerns nor service the ‘real’ needs of these few clients. Resultantly, a manufacturer cannot answer a dissatisfied client question nor solve a client problem unless the client chooses to directly contact the manufacturer. As has traditionally been the case, Moses Carbon Graphite is pleased to courteously address and resolved any real problems a client has with a Moses product. Those who choose to not to contact us directly however, may not be interested in a positive outcome or are perhaps not being genuine in their pronouncements. We encourage current and potential Moses clients to contact us to determine how we can best service their needs. To get an accurate picture of the opinion of Moses clients who have taken their time to voice their opinion to us, feel free to ready client submissions at: Please let us know how we may services your specific needs. And thank you for playing Moses Carbon Graphite USA.

Certified by Fender

Certified by Fender

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  • New Moses Carbon Graphite USA neck models: the CS-27, a 24 fret custom guitar neck & MJ-144 A, a slanted fret neck for Fender 4-st basses.
  • Inlays and Finishes

    Black Pearl Moses 'M' inlay with wood detail at 12th fret Blue Shift finish 7-alternate-tele bass for J or P models close-up-xwing-image2
  • Moses Carbon Graphite USA offers Hipshot, Schaller, Gotoh, ABM and Sperzel hardware. We also offer Bartolini, Lace, EMG and other electronics.

  • Fiber Optic Position Markers

    See examples of awesome fiber optic fret markers in the Inlays & Finishes section!