Most Moses Carbon Graphite USA neck models can be provided in the headless configuration.  The trick is mating the neck with an available and properly sized headpiece and bridge tuning mechanism.  Commecially available headpieces and bridge tuners are made by Moses, Hipshot, ABM, Strandberg and Floyd Rose Speedloader for guitar, and by Moses, ABM and Hipshot for bass.  It is important that you recognize that the width at nut of the Mose neck must match the width of the headpiece.  It is also vital that the Moses neck shaft fingerboard taper lead to a string ‘spread’ that works with the headless system bridge saddle spacing.


For guitar:

– Moses, ABM and Speedloader headpieces, as well as ABM and Speedloader bridge tuners work with headless Fender-style guitar necks.

– J Custom offers headpieces for Moses Music Yo style Steinberger guitar necks.

– Moses Carbon Graphite USA has headpieces for the Moses MB-27 HP series Steinberger guitar necks.

– Strandberg offers single string bridge tuners that work with all Moses headless guitar neck models.


For bass:

– ABM and Hipshot have headpieces and block bridge tuning mechanisms for headless Moses models of Fender P-bass, Music Man and G&L 4-st bass necks.  The nut width must be provided by Moses at 1 5/8”.

– The ABM 4-st headpeice works well with Moses MZC-4 models.

– The ABM 5- and 6-st headpieces correctly match the Moses MZC-5 and MJZ-6 necks respectively.

– Moses Carbon Graphite USA has headpieces for Moses ‘HP’ Series MB-144 4- and MB-145 5-string Steinberger bass necks.

– The ABM single string bridge tuner modules work well with all models of Moses bass necks.


Below is a description of the Moses Steinberger guitar and bass neck models, as well as the headless Strat guitar model:


The Moses HP Series headpiece:

• Insets and protects the headpiece-end string ball/anchor of double-ball

end strings

• Allows for easily snipping single ball-end strings to length, while

successfully protecting gig bags and flesh from the sharp, open string end . The option to use standard strings on the Moses headpiece means that you are no longer limited by the availability and expense of double ball strings

• Provides truss rod nut access at the headpiece end (if this access location is requested at the time of your order) for immediate neck

relief adjustment on all neck models. (truss rod access ‘at heel’ option

is also available)

• Is mounted with four machine screws rather than the original three, for increased stability and durability

• Provided on Moses HP Series models only.  The Moses headpiece does not mount on non-’HP’ Moses neck models, nor original Newburg, Gibson/ Music Yo or wood Spirit neck models.


Models of Moses MB-27 HP direct replacement guitar necks include:

1) MB-27 HP-OY: Moses Carbon Graphite, original Newburg & Gibson

USA/Music Yo style.

2) MB-27 HP-S: Moses Carbon Graphite Spirit-style

OUR PRICE: $359 complete


MB-144 HP Steinberger 4-st bass headpiece.

For single ‘and’ double ball-end string use:

Available on MB-144 HP and MZC-144/244 HP

4-st bass neck models

Add $70 List Price to standard neck cost


This black headpiece is also available mounted on headless Moses NS-27 and SK-27 Stratocaster-style guitar necks, for use with standard single

ball-end strings and ABM or Speedloader tuning-bridge hardware. $369 complete. Add $275 for purchase of a matching black ABM bridge and tuner block set to complete the headless system.

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