The Moses Vertical Jump Bass

The Moses Vertical Jump Bass





Model Designations:

VJB-354, 4-st

VJB-355, 5-st

Length: 40 Inches (100 cm)

Width: 8 Inches (20 cm)

Scale Length: 35 Inches (87.5 cm)

4-st Neck model & style: Moses MZC-144/MZC-244 headless

5-st Neck model & style: Moses MZC-155/MZC-255 headless

Fret wire: 0.043”/0.108” Dunlop 6150 Jumbo

Fretless Model Lines: White or mid-Gray

Fingerboard: Proprietary Moses Carbon Graphite Non-wearing

    Fretted: Mother of Pearl side and face dots

    Fretless Mother of Pearl side dots only

Nut Width: 1 7/8 Inches (4.69 cm)

Spacing at bridge: 2 .7 Inches (6.88 cm)

Style: Headless; for neutral balance bout horn, add $75 USD

Body: Polycarbonate: Opaque Black, transluscent Cobalt Blue, Clear

Hardware: ABM headpiece and monorail bridge tuners; chrome or black

Pickups: Lace Alumitone Active/Passive Soapbar (Neck and Bridge positions)

Electronics: Bartolini 9 volt active with master volume, pickup balance and stacked treble/bass

Strings (standard): D-addario Flat Stainless

Case: included with purchase: Moses gig bag; for aluminum flight case holding gig bag, add $100 USD

Weight: 7.5 pounds, without bout horn



VJB-354: $1,785 USD with Moses gig bag

VJB-355: $1,895 USD with Moses gig bag


Please view our Video / Sound Clip demonstration at: Rob Kohler Plays the VJB-5

VJB-5 Clear: Front Close-up VJB-5 Clear: Front Close-up

                                                                            Black VJB-5



Cobalt Blue VJB-5

Cobalt Blue VJB-5



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    Paua Maltese Cross inlay on MJ-144 Custom shell bird inlay Black Holographite Finish Steamin' Java
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