Periodically something is so seemingly obvious that it is taken for granted and thus not formally addressed.  There are important elements of Steinberger instruments where this is the case.

– First, for the sake of this article, a parts or kit guitar is defined as a guitar to be assembled and setup as a performance instrument. constructed from parts and components acquired from an outside party with no elementary parts being made by the assembler.  Many styles of Fender-like guitars fall into this category.

– Additionally, Steinberger instrument and their component parts are defined as those that were originally designed by Ned Steinberger and the Newburgh Steinberger company.  The designs for the classic styles of these parts have never been fundamentally changed.  These styles of parts are not designed the same as headless parts produced by ABM, Bunker, Floyd Rose, Strandberg, Hipshot, etc.  J Custom does offer some Steinberger style parts, but notably has not chosen to offer complete sets for kit guitar construction.

– The original Newburgh Steinberger company made complete Steinberger guitars and basses.  Never during their tenure did they proceed to offering complete parts guitars for assemblage by other parties.

– None of the iterations of the Gibson-owned Steinberger company’s products have ever been offered as complete sets of ‘components’ to be assembled by other parties as parts guitars.  This is the case, even after they ceased production of finished composite instruments.

– No Steinberger style guitar company, including Steinberger, Cort, Hohner or other has ever offered licensed parts in complete sets to be assembled by other parties as parts guitars.

– No major component distribution company, such as Allparts, Warmoth, WD, Carvin, etc. has ever offered complete sets of Steinberger-style parts to assembled as parts guitars.  This is true even though these companies do offer all of the parts required for the complete construction of other guitar styles.

– No specialized composite instrument parts company, including Headless USA, J Custom, Moses, etc. has ever offered complete sets of parts for assemblage by others as kit guitars.

– There are both major finished instrument manufacturers, and independent luthiers such as Fretsong, Wilkat, and Canton, who purchase product from Moses CG, subsequently completing headless guitars in the realm of the Steinberger style.

One prime  reason that the above is true is that Steinberger guitars were not originally nor in any subsequent redesign ever reconfigured to be simple and easy to assemble and setup, as for instance, Fender-style guitars.  Thus, although Steinberger style instruments are excellent when complete, no company in the history of these instruments has been or is willing to accept the responsibility for providing ready to plop together complete Steinberger parts sets.  It has been and remains true that a certain degree of finesse is required to properly dial-in these components will all elements in hand.

Moses Carbon Graphite USA has, just like all other headless parts companies, not redesigned the Steinberger guitar.  Whereas Moses CG has and continues to offer necks and headpieces that perform excellently as ‘replacement’ parts for existing already assembled Steinberger guitars, we, just like all of the companies listed above have never intended to nor advertised to offer sets of Steinberger parts, ready to be assembled by novices and less experienced luthiers as kit guitars.  This is partially evident in our not having marketed complete sets of Steinberger style hardware, strings, and electronics.

When Moses Carbon Graphite USA decided to offer the Steinberger GL sub components, we believed that they as with many other Moses parts sold, would be purchased either by luthiers or by those who were gathering sets of components to be forwarded to luthiers for the assemblage and setup of finished instruments.  We were aware that some hobbyists would also acquire sets of parts for projects.  As other Steinberger style parts producers have found, we have determined that persons who are not fully prepared to perform the level of parts manipulation and adjustment that is required to produce fully functioning Steinberger guitars have been purchasing our components.

We at Moses Carbon Graphite USA, as other companies offering Steinberger parts, are not in a position to tutor hobbyists regarding the assemblage and completion of guitars.  Some of our clients have purchased our guitar neck and body components with the misimpression that along with other manufacturers parts, Steinberger guitars can be assembled and setup with a similar degree of effort and lack of expertise as required for Fender-style and some other guitars. This, along with a less vibrant interest in the GL body style, is the reason that we have ceased to offer the GL Steinberger bodies.  Moses CG continues to offer our fine neck models for both headstocked and headless instruments.  The direct replacement neck models all are guaranteed to function correctly as sold.  The custom application neck models similarly perform excellently when used properly in the construction of custom instruments.  Additionally, Moses CG will be pleased to negotiate providing carbon Graphite GL bodies in quantity to experienced parties who are fully aware of the information presented above.

Thank you for choosing Moses Carbon Graphite USA

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