NS-27 S-Style Guitar


Our Price: $357.50

List Price: $420.50

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Standard Specifications

Headstock: Strat-style with 0.406" / 10.3mm tuner holes; Alternate Moses 4+2 scooped (or) hooked 6-in-line: Add $75 USD List
Shape: Shallow Oval
Width: 1.6875" / 42.75mm
Depth at 1st fret: 0.78" / 19.85mm
Depth at 12th fret: 0.83" / 21mm
Heel Width: 2.2" / 56mm; correct for a snug and tight fit on standard 2.1875" (55.5mm) Fender pockets
Heel Shape: Standard Fender
Standard Fingerboard Radius: 16" / 405mm
Number of Frets: 22 (21 without fingerboard overhand); 24 at Gibson 24 3/4" scale
Fret Style: Fret wire; Nickel Silver: Dunlop 6150 Jumbo (no cost option: Dunlop 6230)
Fret Wire: Medium Jumbo 6150: 0.042" / 1.02" by 1.07mm / 2.59mm
Inlay: White face and side dots
Nut Blank: Carbon Graphite (or) Corian

Options, with no added cost

Left handed: Yes, model NS-27L, at same price

Options, with added cost

Headstock: Moses 4+2 (or) Moses hooked 6-in-line: add $50 List USD; Tuner holes: 0.344" / 8.73mm; 0.375" / 9.5mm; 0.39" / 9.9mm: Add $25 List USD
Inlay: standard: white face and side dots
Left-handed: NS-27 L ;S-style left-handed
Fret Wire: Fender 6230: 0.043" / 0.080" by 1.09mm / 2.03mm; Add $50.00 List USD
Other Fingerboard Radii: 7.25" / 184mm (or) 9.5"/241.5mm (or) 12"/304mm (or) 20"/510mm: Add $60.00 List USD
Shell Dot Inlay: Mother of Pearl (or) Paua Abalone: Add $50.00 List USD
Lines: Yes, optional on fretless variant
Fingerboard: Shift (or) Holographite: Add $90.00 List USD (See Finishes Section)

NS-27 S: classic Fender Strat guitar neck

NS-27 side view

NS-27 heel footprint

NS-27 heel side view

For comparison, the SK-27 headstock area

The NS-27 is a universally accepted Strat guitar neck style widely used with variations to its headstock by a multitude of manufacturers and builders (who alter the headstock shape due to Fender’s trademark).   Moses offers this neck with the classic Fender along with custom-application alternate headstocks.  For the same price, Moses also offers a 24 3/4″ Gibson scale model that is a direct drop-in for standard Fender-style guitars; no alterations to the guitar are required.

NS-27 S: Classic Fender 25 1/2″ scale fretted model

NS-27 SF: Classic Fender 25 1/2″ scale fretless model; add $25 for lines

NS-27 G: 24 fret Gibson scale fretted model: direct drop-in replacement for your classic Fender neck

NS-27 GF: 24 fret Gibson scale fretless model: direct drop-in replacement for your classic Fender neck

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