MJZ-146: Custom Application 6


Our Price: $776.50

List Price: $913.75

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Standard Specifications

Headstock: Classic Moses tilt back 4+2
Shape: Shallow Oval
Width: 2.0625" / 52.5mm
Depth at 1st fret: 0.78" / 19.85mm
Depth at 12th fret: 0.83" / 21mm
Heel Shape: Square with 0.25" / 6.35mm corners
Standard Fingerboard Radius: 16" / 405mm
Number of Frets: 24
Fret Wire: Medium Jumbo 6150: 0.042" / 1.02" by 1.07mm / 2.59mm
Inlay: White face and side dots
Nut Blank: Carbon Graphite (or) Corian
Heel Width: 3.375" / 85.5mm

Options, with no added cost

Tuners Hole Sizes Provided: 0.344" / 8.73mm; 0.375" / 9.5mm; 0.39" / 9.9mm
Left handed: 2+4 Moses: add $75 USD List

Options, with added cost

Headstock: none
Fret Wire: Fender 6230: 0.043" / 0.080" by 1.09mm / 2.03mm; Add $50.00 List USD
Other Fingerboard Radii: none
Shell Dot Inlay: Mother of Pearl (or) Paua Abalone: Add $50.00 List USD
Lines: White (or) medium gray: Add $50.00 List USD
Fingerboard: Shift (or) Holographite: Add $90.00 List USD (See Finishes Section)

Moses MJZ-146 fretless bass neck
Moses MJZ-146 fretless bass neck

Moses models MJZ-146 (34″) and MJZ-156 (35″) are ideal choices for players who want a moderate string spaced 6-st bass neck for custom basses.  Moses Carbon  Graphite USA also adapts this neck for use on the Warmoth Gecko 6.


MJZ-146: 34” Custom App 6-st fretted

MJZ-246: 34” Custom App 6-st fretless

MJZ-156: 35” Custom App 6-st fretted

MJZ-256: 35” Custom App 6-st fretted


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