MJ-144A: 34”/35” Fanned Fret J-Bass 4


Our Price: $533.00

List Price: $627.00

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Standard Specifications

Headstock: Classic Fender
Width: 1.5" / 38mm
Depth at 1st fret: 0.78" / 19.85mm
Depth at 12th fret: 0.83" / 21mm
Heel Shape: Classic Fender
Standard Fingerboard Radius: 16" / 405mm
Fret Wire: Medium Jumbo 6150: 0.042" / 1.02" by 1.07mm / 2.59mm
Inlay: White face and side dots
Nut Blank: Carbon Graphite (or) Corian
Shape: Shallow Oval
Heel Width: 2.50" / 63.5mm
Number of Frets: 20

Options, with no added cost

Tuners Hole Sizes Provided: 11/16" / 17.5mm Standard; 0.375" / 9.5mm; 0.4375" / 11.11mm; 0.50" / 12.7mm; 0.5625" / 14.3mm
Left handed: Yes, at same price; 2+2 Moses: Add $75 USD List

Options, with added cost

Headstock: Alternate Scooped 2+2: Add $50.00 List USD
Other Fingerboard Radii: None
Shell Dot Inlay: Mother of Pearl (or) Paua Abalone: Add $50.00 List USD
Lines: White (or) medium gray: Add $50.00 List USD
Fingerboard: Proprietary Moses Carbon Graphite only
Fret Wire: fender 6230: 0.043" / 0.080" by 1.09mm / 2.03mm; 6100: 0.055" / 1.4mm by 0.110" / 2.79mm: Add $60.00 List USD

Moses Fanned fret 4-st bass neck

A direct drop-in replacement neck for standard 20 fret, 34″ scale Fender-style 4-string basses. No major alteration is required, only the replacement of the G-st saddle screw (supplied by Moses when requested). Model MP-144A, the P-bass width equivalent  model is available. The Bad Ass II bridge is an excellent choice should you need a bridge for this application.  Please note that a 33.5″/36″ (85cm/91.5cm) fanned fret configuration is available on 5-st and 6-st custom application Moses neck models.


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