MB-727 HPC: Headless 7-st with Moses headpiece


Our Price: $601.00

List Price: $707.00

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Standard Specifications

Headstock: None
Shape: Oval
Width: 2.02"/51.6mm
Depth at 1st fret: 0.83"/21mm
Heel Shape: Steinberger-equivalent
Standard Fingerboard Radius: 16" / 405mm
Number of Frets: 24
Fret Wire: Medium Jumbo 6150: 0.042" / 1.02" by 1.07mm / 2.59mm
Inlay: White face and side dots
Heel Width: 2.75"/70mm (depth: 1.03"/26.2mm)

Options, with added cost

Shell Dot Inlay: Mother of Pearl (or) Paua Abalone: Add $50.00 List USD
Hardware: Supplied only with mounted Moses headpiece

MB-727 7-st headless guitar neck

MB-727 7-st headless guitar neck

MB-727 7-st with mounted Moses headpiece

The MB-727 HPC: Headless 7-st guitar neck is provided with a mounted single and double-ball end string usable Moses headpiece.  This outstanding neck is offered for incorporation with other premiere components when you build a custom 7-st headless guitar.

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