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Moses Carbon Graphite USA is pleased to have you contact us with all questions, comments and/or product orders:

Moses, Inc.

Phone: (001) 541-484-6068



32591 Fox Hollow Road

Eugene, Oregon  97405



Moses Carbon Graphite is pleased to accept orders by the following methods:
1) By phone:
a)  Call to record your order: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday
b)  If you are located in United States, request by E-mail that a Moses representative call you (at a time specified by you if required).
2) By E-mail, using credit or debit cards:
Provide your name, phone number, product model number and any product details that are specifically important to you, as well as credit or debit card account payment details. Payment details must include both your account number and expiration date.
3) By Paypal:
Go to the website, and click through/proceed to the ‘Send Money’ screen.
You will use the ‘’ address for forwarding payment to the Moses Paypal account.  Please include your shipping address and phone number where appropriate on the screen.  Also state what your order includes.  After you have completed entering all information, submit to Paypal.  Alert us of your order and payment. Moses Carbon Graphite USA will subsequently confirm your order through your E-mail address.
4) By bank wire transfer:
Contact Moses Carbon Graphite USA by phone or E-mail for us to aid you in using this order/payment option.


Standard Shipping Rates for budgeting:                                         

The standard rates for shipping of Moses Carbon Graphite USA electric guitar and bass necks are as follows:

– One electric guitar neck: Domestic  U.S. destinations: $17.95 USD

– One electric guitar neck: International destinations except Canada: $50 USD

– 1 guitar neck, Canada: $34 USD

– Two electric guitar necks: Domestic  U.S. destinations: $21.95 USD

– Two electric guitar neck: International destinations: $65 USD

– One electric bass neck: Domestic  U.S. destinations: $18.95 USD

– One electric bass neck: International destinations: $55 USD

– Two electric bass necks: Domestic  U.S. destinations: $19.95 USD

– 1 bass neck, Canada: $39 USD

– Two electric bass necks: International destinations except Canada: $80 USD

 Please note:  These rates are provided as examples of standard rates to aid in budgeting the total cost of your Moses product.  Please inquire with Moses Carbon Graphite USA to determine the exact cost of delivery to your location.

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  • New Moses Carbon Graphite USA neck models: the CS-27, a 24 fret custom guitar neck & MJ-144 A, a slanted fret neck for Fender 4-st basses.
  • Inlays and Finishes

    Classic MOP Vine-of-Life inlay wing-red 1nt27 full IMG_1695
  • Moses Carbon Graphite USA offers Hipshot, Schaller, Gotoh, ABM and Sperzel hardware. We also offer Bartolini, Lace, EMG and other electronics.

  • Fiber Optic Position Markers

    See examples of awesome fiber optic fret markers in the Inlays & Finishes section!