Company History

Company HistoryMoses Innovation Over The Decades


Moses Carbon Graphite USA has had a long and venerable history, beginning with Steve Mosher’s exploration of the fascinating sonic and structural world of carbon fiber in 1979.


•Steve Mosher produces the first bass neck.


•Bassist Brian Bromberg begins using Moses Graphite-style necks.


•Moses Graphite produces its first Graphite 6-string acoustic steel string guitar bridge.


•Moses, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Oregon, USA.

•Moses, Inc. first introduces its graphite technology at the NAMM Show, Los Angeles, CA.


•Moses, Inc. introduces the Industry’s thinnest, stable guitar neck, 5/8″ depth at first fret.

•Alvarez/Yairi introduces the Yairi DY-70 & DY-71, featuring Moses Graphite guitar bridges.


•Moses, Inc. introduces the first 35” scale direct replacement neck for Fender-style guitars.


•Moses, Inc. introduces the first Graphite upright bass bridge, and the first Graphite upright bass and cello fingerboards.


•Moses, Inc. introduces the KP Series electric upright basses, the unique Air Coupled Sensor pickup system for upright basses, and the first Graphite baritone guitar neck.

•Well-known guitar builder Steve Grimes begins using Moses Graphite tailpieces.

•Moses Graphite parts are used on the first electric guitar flown into outer space.


•The Experience Music Project in Seattle, Washington chooses the Moses KP Series Electric Upright Bass for its permanent collection, stating that they “represent the cutting edge in creative thinking”.

•Moses VJB Series 42” scale strap-on Vertical Jump Bass introduced.


•DAL Luthier introduces the GV Ultra Series All Graphite Electric Violin, with components produced by Moses, Inc.

•Fodera Guitars introduces the NYC Series Basses, featuring custom Moses Graphite bass necks.

•Spiro Gyra bassist Scott Ambush introduces the Ambush Bass, featuring a custom Moses Graphite neck.

•World Class Guitars introduces various Berger Series guitars featuring Moses headless guitar necks.

•American Showster introduces the custom Graphite-necked Chevy Guitar.

•Chrysalis Guitars introduces the revolutionary portable, inflatable acoustic guitar, with most components produced by Moses, Inc.

•Breedlove Guitars begins using Moses Graphite nuts on acoustic mandolins.


•Tacoma Guitars introduces acoustic archtop guitars, featuring Graphite tailpieces and pickguards produced by Moses, Inc.

•NS Design (Ned Steinberger) begins using graphite fingerboards produced by Moses, Inc.

•Rainsong All Graphite Guitars begins using Moses Graphite components.


•Two renowned U.S. manufacturers begin using Moses Graphite instrument necks on most standard models on their branded instruments.

•Moses, Inc. is certified by Fender that Moses Graphite Instrument Necks are equal to or better than those produced by FMIC.


•Chapman Stick introduces the 8- and 10-string Sticks, produced by Moses, Inc.

•Pearce C/D Basses — Unique, extended lower register 4-string basses begin using custom Moses necks


•Moses, Inc. begins production of the 12-st Grand Chapman Stick

•Steinberger Sound introduces a new complete American-made guitar product line, using necks made by Moses, Inc.


•Goldtone banjo introduces Moses Graphite necks on their 5-st banjos. The Banjo Newsletter , July 2003, states that the Moses neck is clearer without being synthetic,…rings much more fully,…has crispness and sustain without diminishing volume or bass response,… consistently has more guts than the maple,…there was nothing I could really do to “kill” the superiority of the graphite models tone.

•Chapman Stick introduces the NS Stick, co-designed by Emmett Chapman and Ned Steinberger, with necks and bodies made by Moses, Inc.


•Langley Guitars introduces a unique embodiment of the neck through body, headless all graphite guitar, with shell body and neck made by Moses, Inc.

•Reith Guitars introduces finely crafted headless guitars utilizing inlaid Moses Graphite necks

•Palm Guitar introduces the Palm Bass, a full function 22 5/16” scale travel instrument with a one-piece Moses Graphite neck/body. Fischer Guitars introduces elegant, inlaid guitars featuring Moses Graphite necks and bodies with gorgeous hardwood tops

•Gibson Steinberger 4- and 5-string basses are re-introduced now featuring Moses Graphite necks.


•Moses, Inc. builds its own facility through the year and relocates during November.


•Moses, Inc. re-establishes full manufacturing capabilities in its new facility, with increased efficiencies and quality control.


•Research and development of a new style of manufacturing tehcniques for stringed instrument components begins.

•Research and development of a new generation of lightweight stringed instrument neck beams begins.


•Lightweight advanced engineered corrugated core pre-form panels are developed.


•A new generation of structurally advanced hollow core neck and associated beams is born.

•Research and development of the X-wing portable briefcase guitar begins.


•Sound Composites becomes the official classical stringed instrument wing of Moses Carbon Graphite USA.  It offers a complete line of fingerboards, bridges, tailpieces and related stringed instrument parts; visit


•Moses Carbon Graphite USA and Sound Composites USA begin to offer two new pickups for upright basses: the Villex/SC high output passive magnetic pickup and The Natural, an Aircoustic passive 3-D/Gen stringed instrument pickup.
•Italian guitar builder Zitto 44 begins using Moses Carbon Graphite necks.
•Hoffman Guitars USA begin to use Moses Carbon Graphite necks.


• Moses Carbon Graphite USA begins making necks for Alumisonics Guitars
• Moses Carbon Graphite USA begins making necks for the U.K.’s Square One Products basses


• Moses Carbon Graphite USA begins making necks for Metalin’ Guitars
• Moses Carbon Graphite USA begins making necks for Fitzgerald Instruments
• Sound Composites USA begins providing classical strings parts to the Chicago Public School System music programs

• Moses CG USA begins making banjo necks for Neckville Banjo
• Sound Composites USA beings providing upright bass fingerboards for CSC/Shen Stringed Instruments


Moses CG USA launches its new Sonusphere Live Performance Loudspeaker product line at


Moses LLC  founder Steve Mosher, begins the process of patenting a new style of engineered composite structures.  This style  is incorporated in a new generation of Sound Composites USA fingerboards for electric & acoustic guitars, electric basses, as well as acoustic violins, cellos and basses.


Moses SONUSPHERE loudspeaker division expands its product line by introducing the revolutionary new CENTURY 21 SOUND-STACK COUPLED SPEAKERS… advanced live performance gear.

Certified by Fender

Certified by Fender


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  • New Moses Carbon Graphite USA neck models: the CS-27, a 24 fret custom guitar neck & MJ-144 A, a slanted fret neck for Fender 4-st basses.
  • Inlays and Finishes

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  • Moses Carbon Graphite USA offers Hipshot, Schaller, Gotoh, ABM and Sperzel hardware. We also offer Bartolini, Lace, EMG and other electronics.

  • Fiber Optic Position Markers

    See examples of awesome fiber optic fret markers in the Inlays & Finishes section!