July 12: Check out both Ozztosh and Metalin’ Guitar exhibits at the upcoming Summer NAMM, Nashville.  Both feature Moses necks on their high quality and sonically pleasing aluminum-bodied offerings.   Look for other companies and on the stages to see and hear Moses necks in action. 

Moses Carbon Graphite USA Receives the NorCal Bassix.com 2014 Bass Innovations Award

‘Each year that we (NorCal Bassix) attend the NAMM show, we spend a fair amount of time searching for anything that we feel truly is a game changer for BASS. As we checked out hundreds of amazing products for the bass world, we were reluctant to choose a recipient for the 2014 NorCal BASSIX Bass Innovation Award. Don’t get me wrong…we saw some very impressive bass related items, but all seemed to fall short of our goal. As we strolled along discussing this, we found ourselves standing in front a booth filled with both electric and upright basses. This booth was none other than Moses Carbon Graphite…


Newest products… Call or Email Moses to find out more:  1) A complete line of 4-, 5- & 6-string bass necks for all Modulus bolt-on models, and similar custom builds; 2) 4- and 5- string Warwick Thumb/Corvette bass necks; 3) Fender P-bass lite necks; 4) Classic headstocked Fender 5-string bass necks; 5) Direct drop-in 24 3/4″ scale Fender Strat replacement neck; 6) New alternate headstock choices for standard guitar and bass neck models; 7) Exotic Hardwood Steinberger GL (broomstick) bodies to compliment our line of Steinberger guitar necks; 8) Our newly designed fully adjustable playing angle GL body knee rest for both guitars & basses; 9) Our new, awesome and revolutionary Sonusphere carbon fiber hemispherical speakers


To see a tremendous variety of custom products and other  things that Moses does in addition to the standard fare on this website, you owe it to yourself to check out the Photo Gallery on our Facebook page.  Doing so may well give you some ideas for ‘your‘ next custom project.

While browsing our site, please take the time to read the articles in the Tech Info section.  There you will find great info, including how we define standard and stock neck models, ordering and warrantee parameters including the order period for various product styles, information regarding Steinberger instruments, as well as some excellent background on carbon graphite composites.

Although we enjoy speaking with players, due to logistics we prefer to service your requests for customer service, information and orders through your use of Email: orders@mosesgraphite.com.   We reply to Emails several times each work day, and often on all other days.  Email is a concise, reliable and reviewable method of communication, 24/7.  However, please know that should you call and leave a message, we will be pleased to return your call within 24 hours during Monday through Friday facility workdays.  And as always, we at Moses Carbon Graphite USA looks forward to providing you the best in both service and products.

Fiber Optic Position Markers
Watch our Fiber Optic You Tube Video.

Moses Carbon Graphite USA products are the first and only to make composites friendly to both installers and players. Our professional-grade necks are technically sound and sonically superior to all other products offered worldwide.

Demand full, rich, clear, focused & warm tone, combined with excellent swell & sustain, a strong fundamental, increased & even harmonics, predictability and stability. Accept nothing less than Moses Carbon Graphite USA.

You can find an excellent selection of classical stringed instrument parts, including fingerboards, bridges and tailpieces at http://www.soundcomposites.com.

Your Pro-visions… Tools for the 21st Century

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  • New Moses Carbon Graphite USA neck models: the CS-27, a 24 fret custom guitar neck & MJ-144 A, a slanted fret neck for Fender 4-st basses.
  • Inlays and Finishes

    Pyramid MOP Inlay close-up #2 MOP Bear footprint inlay MOP Namaste/OM inlay 6-alternate-hooked-4
  • Moses Carbon Graphite USA offers Hipshot, Schaller, Gotoh, ABM and Sperzel hardware. We also offer Bartolini, Lace, EMG and other electronics.

  • Fiber Optic Position Markers

    See examples of awesome fiber optic fret markers in the Inlays & Finishes section!